Grape and wine production in Ponikve, on the Pelješac peninsula has been a Milos family tradition for generations. They base their production on the autochthonous grape variety of Plavac mali. Family owns about 15 hectares of vineyards on the finest locations on Pelješac; on the slippery slopes of the Prapratno cove next to Ponikve village. Vineyards have been planted on sandy soil formed on the dolomite rocks. Handcrafted vineyards and ecological production show the effort they put into every detail.

In Ponikve they have their own wine-cellar for fermentation, processing, bottling and the aging of wine. We are specialized in producing different types of high quality wine of the Plavac mali cultivar. The selection of wine depends on the position and the preparation of the vineyard, the particular year, the way and time of vintage and the technology in the cellar. This means that each type of wine requires a different winemaking procedure. We produce different types of wines: dry, semi-dry, half- sweet and natural sweet (dessert) wines.

Extra Virgin olive oil
Extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the Oblica (80%) and Pastrica (20%) cultivar.

Olives are handpicked from the renewed centennial trees on a special location of the Peljesac peninsula, not far from our vineyards. The oil produced using a mechanical procedure cold pressed leaves a fresh and fruity flavour enriched with the aroma of the green macchia. The fullness of its mild and rich flavour intertwines with a beautifully dosed poignancy.

Won a gold medal on the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2013 and 2014.


On the sunny slopes of Pelješac peninsula, Premium wine Plavac Edivo is produced with a great deal of care and love… After it has been bottled and placed in a terracotta amphora, it is sunken under the sea to the depth of 18–25 meters. All of them are perfectly stored, laid on its cork and scattered on several locations of Pelješac aquatorium. It ages in bottles for three months, and later on under the sea for one to two years.
The result is a perfect thermal conditions, creating a beautiful layer of shells, corrals and algae.
We have try it, and believe us… Wine does not lose any of the aroma, quality or color. Natural cooling in an ideal conditions and a perfect silence improved the quality.

Try it and see it yourself. Bring home an unique souvenir from the depths of the Adriatic sea.

Underwater Cellars

For adventurous wine and sea lovers we offer a unique experience of visiting one of our underwater cellars. A limited number of NAVIS MYSTERIUM bottles and amphorae are kept in a sunken boat close to Žuljana. We organise at request supervised dives where you can enjoy in spectacular undersea scenery and see first-hand our wine cellar.

Diving price includes rental of necessary diving equipment, boat ride to the location of the underwater cellar and dive in expert accompaniment of the diving center “Barbara” from Žuljana.

– Diving price for licensed divers: 1-12 persons; 60 EUR per person
– Dinner Price for Beginners with Discovery Information Exchange Included: 70 EUR per person

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